• Based in northern NSW
  • Experienced CASA certified UAV controller and private pilot • Complies to safety & privacy Code of Conduct & legislation • Creates spectacular UAV aerial videos and photographs
  • Obtains high resolution images using the latest technology • Amazes and connects the viewer in a new way
  • Plans, films and produces professional videos
  • Provides a customised, affordable, quality, prompt service

UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

WHY USE Aerial Dimensions?

  • Produces aerial videos and photography with awesome angles and perspectives including indoor and over water
  • Captures unique bird’s-eye view images from ground level up to 400 ft where no other aircraft can go
  • Get the WOW factor! Showcase and market your property, business and events to maximise exposure
  • Keep up with internet trends by using exciting, dynamic videos and images that are customised for you